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Podcast: Hero Harbor with Dawn Keegan and Founder Jason Jean

Dawn Keegan, CEO of Verimour Speaks and a Marine Corps veteran, sits down with Jason Jean, founder of Tattered Beans, to discuss the ins and outs of Tattered Beans and how transitioning from military to civilian life is a difficult process. Dawn and Jason share a similar mindset: You aren’t going to be liked by 100% of people but it’s having the right people like you that matters. Check out both parts of the podcast by clicking here.  

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Podcast: The Everyday Hustle Show and Founder Jason Jean

While discussing the ins and outs of what makes an effective leader on The Everyday Hustle Show, hosts Andrew, Christian, and Jesse bring up a great point: You can only worry about what you’re good at and find someone else who’s good at what you aren’t. Jason, founder of Tattered Beans, goes on to add additional qualities to the good leader list, including not asking someone to do something you wouldn’t. Listen here to get even more leadership qualities.  

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Podcast: Founder Jason Jean talks with Car Thoughts With David

​David Calvert, of Car Thoughts with David, speaks with the founder of Tattered Beans, Jason Jean. They discussed everything from what Tattered Beans’ mission is all about to the goal that Tattered Beans set for itself: to sell one million bags of coffee, which would equate to giving back $4 million to the veterans, active duty military, police officers, and first responders in our database.  Podcast was on 3/8/19

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