Manheim, Pennsylvania, April 2019 – Tattered Beans, a veteran owned coffee company best known for their unique direct donation mission focused on giving cash back to veterans, active duty military, and first responders, through sales of their coffee, is proud to announce that they have partnered with Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI), a gun manufacturer known for their most popular gun, the UZI®.

Israeli Weapons Industries’ main United States office is located just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Originally based in Israel as the name suggests, IWI US, Inc., operations began in 2013, when they introduced the Tavor SAR. IWI was originally a partnership between the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli Military Industries, dating back to 1933, before creating a small firearms division. This division became Israeli Weapons Industries. Once they began bringing their state-of-the-art firearms to the United States, IWI US, Inc., was formed. IWI quickly gained ground with award-winning small arms. In 2014, they launched IWI US’s Law Enforcement Division. As a company, like Tattered Beans, they pride themselves on excellent customer service.  
Tattered Beans will be joining IWI US, Inc., at multiple events across the country serving what people have come to enjoy, their coffee. While attending the events, not only will Tattered Beans be selling and brewing coffee, they will also be signing up some of our great veterans, active duty members, and first responders to benefit from their platform. You can join Tattered Beans and IWI US, Inc., together at the Ohio Tactical Officer’s Association Vendor Show on June 4 in Sandusky, Ohio!