What is Tattered Beans Coffee All About?

There are plenty of huge, veteran owned coffee companies. Most of them have some sort of donation aspect to them. So, what makes Tattered Beans different? Why should customers spend their hard-earned money with Tattered Beans, instead of another coffee company? The answer is simple. Tattered Beans gives back directly to the veteran of the customer’s choice. Customers know that the veteran they chose is directly receiving the money. What if a customer chooses a military branch instead? That money is then totaled at the end of the month and divided between veterans under that branch who haven’t received any donations during that period.

Tattered Beans is personal. You can know exactly who your money is going to. You know exactly how much proceeds the veteran receives from each bag. Quick refresher: bags retail for $14 each, with $4 going directly to the veteran, first responder or active duty member and $2 dollars going to Tattered Lives Farm.

Tattered Beans is available exclusively online, so customers can shop from the convenience of their home or office or wherever they are. This is to ensure that all donations are going directly to veterans while giving the customer peace of mind knowing that they are getting the authentic product, without the potential for an impostor using our labels. Being exclusively online allows the Tattered Beans Team better control over tracking incoming donations and making sure the processing side runs smoothly.

However, there have been some obstacles of being an online-only company. First, the customer experience on the Tattered Beans website must be top notch. There is no room for error. This required extensive programming and customization to ensure that adding the direct donation mission to an online shopping experience doesn’t create a cumbersome process. This is a work in progress with finding the right programmers. Second, marketing an exclusively online company is completely different. Customers don’t have the ability to get to know the staff one on one or sample products prior to buying. That’s why each customer gets sample vac pacs in their shipment of flavors they didn’t purchase.

Try it before you buy it! By maximizing the familiarity of online platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Tattered Beans gives customers an inside look at its personality. Through all of this, Tattered Beans has always put their direct donation mission first and gone through any route to ensure that the mission is achieved.

Thank you

Team Tattered Bean

About Tattered Beans

Tattered Beans is a company with a strong mission and dedication to improving the lives of those who are willing to sacrifice theirs to protect our freedoms.